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About Us

A Serious Resource for serious Entrepreneurs

Our Mission is to educate and uplift aspiring and current entrepreneurs by providing coaching, mentoring and support resources needed to succeed as a minority owned business.

As a minority-owned, Women-Led Company located in Atlanta GA, we believe expression is our greatest feature ! Through the power of technology and social emotional practices , we aim to educate communities in STEM fields, while create systems for impact, growth, and change .


Our goal is to recreate mindsets, restore connections and cultivate dynamic leaders. We want the world to see the multidimensional being that is you !


KKSQ Board of Directors

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Challenges for
Minority - Owned Businesses

Comparatively, 7% of white-owned firms get business loans in their first year. Other first-year financing stats:

  • Credit cards: 30% of white business owners, 15% of Black business owners

  • Personal loans: 18% of white business owners, 14% of Black business owners

  • Family loans: 9% of white business owners, 14% of Black business owners.

minority business owners are far more likely to rely on their family and community for financial help in their first year than they are to trust a financial institution

Although the number of startups launched by Black women is very small, Black women are far more prominent in the small business world. Women represent 35% of Black-owned businesses, compared to just 27% of female-business owners of other racial identities

At KKSQ we strive to expand the resources available to minority owned business by creating access to information, coaching, funding and more.


KKSQ operating Values

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Mindset & Mental Wealth

In order to cultivate dynamic leaders in the world of entrepreneurship, we believe mental health is at the center of successful businesses. we strive to create an environment of organization, balance and self care while training the mindsets of minority own businesses to future scaled success.



Education & Equity

At KKSQ, We Believe everyone, regardless of race, religion, culture or economic background, deserves access to quality information and resources. our programs are free or available at affordable rates with certified curriculum, Data driven practices, vetted service providers and more.



Technology Innovation

we believe technology innovation and systems are a key factor in business success. however, many small business owners lack the understanding, education, and resources to implement organizational Technology needed to run a successful business.  We provide data driven, technology practices with additional mental health and mindset training components to shift small minority business owners into the future and become more comfortable with using technology safely and securely  


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our goal is to restore humanity and our community by providing quality education programs, credible and reliable resources , and mental health training services to create a platform for untapped talent and space for minority businesses to thrive and be successful.

Community Restoration & Advancement


KKSQ Programs