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About Us

Reinventing pathways to entrepreneurship through technology

Our mission is to reinvent pathways to entrepreneurship through technology, innovation and connection by closing the knowledge and equity gap between black business owners and sustainability.​

At KKSQ, we operate in a "Community-First Mindset" by gearing our focus toward closing the racial technology gap between black and other minority business owners and the path to workforce development and entrepreneurship.


Our vision is to become the center of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the city of Atlanta. We aspire to partner with local government, nonprofits and small businesses and educational institutions to create a pipeline of minority entrepreneurs in America by providing technology and entrepreneurship training. 

Our Mission


Kayla Life

cofounder & board chair

Kayla has a Bachelor’s degree from Spelman College in Education Studies, a Masters degree in School Counseling from Alfred University and certifications in mental health counseling and software engineering. She has served over 10 years in the education system in various roles including Technology Teacher, School Leader, Program and Curriculum Developer, School Counselor and DEI Lead.  She is strong in relationship building and connecting with the youth in ways many others struggle too. Before leaving education to start her agency, she Developed a fully comprehensive Technology curriculum for 5-8 grade students in Brooklyn NY for 8 public charter schools. She currently consults with teachers seeking to implement technology in their classrooms while building healthy relationships with their school community. She currently serves as the CEO of the Rebrand Creative Agency, a digital branding agency focused on Branding, marketing, research and program development. As a military brat and black woman, Kayla has dedicated her career to Teaching others that they deserve to be the main character of their story and to live boldly In their truth, regardless of societal expectations through her high energy speaking engagements and warm demanding leadership coaching. Her pedagogy promotes the power of social emotional growth through technology Implementation and training.


Shoshana Cabral

cofounder & executive director 

Shoshana is the co-founder and Executive Director of KKSQ Tech Creative Corporation. She also founded ChaudSheaux, a professional image consulting firm. She holds a ba in anthropology from george mason university and is certified in nonprofit organization and change management. Shoshana is an entrepreneur and businesswoman with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Shoshana has worked with Several nonprofit organizations across the us Including hands-on atlanta, americorps, and the united Cerebral palsy of ga. As an atlanta native and haitian-American, shoshana Is passionate about the advancement of technology and equitable resources for all.


KKSQ Board of Directors

Ready to connect you with purpose, meet our Board of Directors!

Board Of Directors

Challenges for
Minority - Owned Businesses

Comparatively, 7% of white-owned firms get business loans in their first year. Other first-year financing stats:

  • Credit cards: 30% of white business owners, 15% of Black business owners

  • Personal loans: 18% of white business owners, 14% of Black business owners

  • Family loans: 9% of white business owners, 14% of Black business owners.

minority business owners are far more likely to rely on their family and community for financial help in their first year than they are to trust a financial institution

Although the number of startups launched by Black women is very small, Black women are far more prominent in the small business world. Women represent 35% of Black-owned businesses, compared to just 27% of female-business owners of other racial identities

At KKSQ we strive to expand the resources available to minority owned business by creating access to information, coaching, funding and more.

The Problem

KKSQ operating Values

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Mindset & Mental Wealth

In order to cultivate dynamic leaders in the world of entrepreneurship, we believe mental health is at the center of successful businesses. we strive to create an environment of organization, balance and self care while training the mindsets of minority own businesses to future scaled success.



Education & Equity

At KKSQ, We Believe everyone, regardless of race, religion, culture or economic background, deserves access to quality information and resources. our programs are free or available at affordable rates with certified curriculum, Data driven practices, vetted service providers and more.



Technology Innovation

we believe technology innovation and systems are a key factor in business success. however, many small business owners lack the understanding, education, and resources to implement organizational Technology needed to run a successful business.  We provide data driven, technology practices with additional mental health and mindset training components to shift small minority business owners into the future and become more comfortable with using technology safely and securely  


648-victory-success-outline (1).gif

our goal is to restore humanity and our community by providing quality education programs, credible and reliable resources , and mental health training services to create a platform for untapped talent and space for minority businesses to thrive and be successful.

Community Restoration & Advancement

Operating Values

KKSQ Programs

Program Overview
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