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Tshirt Printing

Learn how to start your own Tshirt business!

March 21, 2022 at 7:38:50 PM

Step 1. Choose a niche for your t-shirt online business

A niche will help your online shirt selling business stand out and better attract the right target audience without blowing your budget.

Step 2. Choose printing Technique

Heat transfer

  • This is a good option if you want to print images yourself. The most popular type of heat transfer is called Plastisol Transfers. For this method, print your design with a professional printer on high-quality release paper. Then, use a heat press to “print” the image on your t-shirt.

Screen printing

  • This method is ideal for printing large quantities of t-shirts with the same design. Using stencil-like mesh screens, designs are painted onto t-shirts layer by layer. Each layer is limited to a single color. While you can add multiple layers and colors, doing so will drive up your cost. Because of the labor-intensive setup, this method is best suited to large batches of tees with the same design.

Direct-to-garment (DTG)

  • This is currently the most popular method of printing designs onto t-shirts. Using an inkjet printer, your design is applied to garments. This is ideal for complex, detailed designs. DTG uses the same process for small or large quantities of prints.

All-over print (Sublimated)

  • If you want to create a truly unique t-shirt, you may want to print outside the seams. All-over print allows you to do exactly that. Create a design that will be printed all over your tee. Unfortunately, not all print-on-demand companies will allow you to do this.


  • Stitch a unique embroidered design on your tees for a more delicate look. While you’ll be limited in colors and sizes, well-designed embroidery can be all your shirt needs to make a statement. Both Printful and Printify offer embroidery for t-shirts but pay close attention to their guidelines.

Step 3. Equipment needed

1. Printers

2. Computers.

3. Graphics programs.

4. Transfer paper.

5. Heat press.

6. Cutter.

Step 4. Mock up your t-shirts

Once you have some final designs, your next step for how to start a t-shirt business online will be to get some mockup images.

Step 5. Set up your online store

Now that you have your t-shirt designs in hand, have made your mockups, and validated your idea, it’s time to build your store.This is especially important if you want to know how to start a t-shirt business online.

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