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Understanding Self: Part 1 Confidence In Condition

It's hard to be confident in yourself when the world around you picks you apart for every last thing you think or do. Having confidence in and through condition is a personality skill that takes time to master! Here are some starting reminder tips to better help you ground yourself in the person that is you !


Understand your “normal” is unique.

Even adults struggle with their identity . If I were to ask you to tell me to describe yourself , you’ll probably ramble some adjectives like “Im Loyal, Im Smart, Im Honest” but all those responds are how you would like others to view you, are you those same adjectives to yourself? Things that you may consider to be regular every day ticket items others view as extremely unique ! Take some time to dive within, who. Are you to you?

Embrace your ugly the same way you do your pretty!

Affirm all pieces of your personality.

You know, it’s ok to not be understood all the time. And it doesn’t mean you need to keep attempting to do so. Understanding you are who you are means accepting all pieces of you ! Overly sensitive, loud, air headed, passionate whatever, they all make you who you are today. Embrace your ugly the same way you do your pretty!

Switch your mindset from fixed to growth

This may be hard to do, but it’s time for you to unlearn what you thought you knew . Every experience , every moment adds to your life story and is a piece of your growth, no matter negative or positive. Take time to reflect on situations you find yourself in, notice how you reacted/handled it, how could you improve? Give yourself grace but also some well deserved flowers, even if you could have handled the situation better or had better control of your emotions, the reflection and recognition is a moment of growth and you should be proud!


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